I Love You From My Head Tomatoes Card


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When it comes to sending a card to your significant other, you can’t beat a fruit themed pun to win you some extra brownie points…. Said Nobody. Ever. Seriously. Brownies and Tomatoes would be a frightful combination, but alas, I digress…

This card will tell your partner how much you love them without all the usual pink hearts, flowers or soppy wording on the front. Bravo!

  • If you’ve got this far into our description, you’ll be relieved to hear that when it comes to the message inside the card, we leave the writing to you. This card is blank inside, so go crazy and write your own poem or words of deep meaning and love…
  • You’re awesome if you’re going to buy a card from us. You deserve the best. So, we use heavyweight ivory hammered card, which makes the card feel luxurious and smooth to write in – we must do all we can to help you impress the one you love after all!

We are currently offering a free card writing service. If you’d like us to send the card directly to someone for you, simply leave the message you’d like us to write and the person’s name and address in the notes box at checkout.

The technical bits:
• Size: The card is 25.4 ants long x 35.6 ants long. Or, for those who don’t work in ant sizing, it’s 5”x7” (127mm X 178mm).
• Card Stock: 300gsm ivory hammered card
• Packaging: The card comes with a recycled brown envelope. We no longer send cards in cellophane sleeves – you don’t really need one, and it’s good for the environment. If penguins had thumbs, they’d be pointing them up! Read more about it here.

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