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Print of three dachshunds holding each other’s tails in a line in a white frame with a green mount on a red brick wall

A String of Sausage Dogs Print


Print of a liver and white Spaniel wearing a traditional Spanish matador outfit in a black frame on a white desk

Españiel Print


Print of a Mustang horse wearing a leather jacket driving a red ford mustang car in a white frame sitting on a white desk

Ford Mustang Print


Seal Of Approval Card


Print of a fish wearing a top hat with a monocle in a black frame on a wooden desk leaning against a white brick wall

Sofishticated Print


Stool Sample Card


You’re Sublime Card


Bewilderbeest Enamel Mug


Welcome to Bewilderbeest

Welcome to Bewilderbeest

It all began with a drawing of the ‘Bewilderbeest’ by Iain, which has now become our logo. Since that drawing, the Bewilderbeest range has expanded with illustrations that centre around the absurd, while drawing on British heritage. (Disclaimer: Iain doesn’t literally draw on British heritage, Your Honour).

If it makes Iain laugh, or if he thinks it will make the gloomiest of grumps crack a smile, then he draws and paints it. Whether you’re in need of a ridiculous card, hilarious print or unique gift, we have you covered. Or…why not treat yourself. Go on, you deserve it!

Iain’s designs are highly detailed and feature a strong blend of traditional pen and ink drawings with contemporary subjects, and typical British humour. Iain believes that the best things in life make you look twice. They’re absurd, they’re extraordinary, and they don’t always make sense…much like Iain himself.

Bewilderbeest is about more than just Iain’s ideas though, because there is a whole razor sharp team (well, two of us and our cat). To find out more, and to meet this superb team click here.