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Print of a chicken dressed in a nomadic tribal outfit as Attila The 'Hen' in a black frame leaning against a brick wall

Attila The Hen Print


Bewilderbeest Enamel Mug


Print of a Mustang horse wearing a leather jacket driving a red ford mustang car in a light wood frame sitting on a desk

Ford Mustang Print


Print of a fish wearing a top hat with a monocle in a black frame on a wooden desk leaning against a white brick wall

Sofishticated Print


Catatonic Print


Print of a smartly dressed bobcat smoking a pipe leaning on a pillar in a dark wood frame sitting on two wooden stalls

Bobcat Print Large


Mandarin Orange Card


J’adore Mon Pear Card


BEWILDERBEEST! What’s in a name!?

Well, in this case, a pun, an animal, and a state of confusion. So there.

I’m Iain and I’m Chief Nitwit of Bewilderbeest (meet the other team members here).

This is the point where I tell you that Bewilderbeest illustrations are finely crafted, meticulously drawn, inspired by the frailty of the human condition, a unique blend of traditional subjects with contemporary ideas, and a comment on the exothermically diaphanous existence of spirituality…etc etc!

But, that’s a load of tosh! I believe the best things in life make you look twice. They’re absurd, they’re extraordinary, and they don’t always make sense…just like me. That’s why I create the things I do, from our ridiculous cards and prints, to our totally daft videos.
Now, be off with you! Explore the website to have a laugh. Go on, shoo!

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P.P.S If you can’t bear to see my face on a video send me an email when you sign up and I’ll wear a mask instead. No joke.