If you love wildlife and have a cracking sense of humour, this Wild Prints collection is for you. From a Haardvark to an Elefly and a Flash Impala, which will you choose?

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Print of a Jaguar wearing a flat cap and scarf driving a green jaguar e-type in a black frame sitting on a wooden desk

Jaguar E-Type Print


Print of an old yellow fiat panda car being driven by a panda wearing a sunhat in a grey frame sitting on a white desk

Fiat Panda Print


Print of a colourful beetle driving a classic blue VW Beetle car in a black frame on a desk leaning against a brick wall

Volkswagen Beetle Print


Print of a wildebeest dressed in human clothing in a black frame sitting on a shelf learning against a white brick wall

Bewilderbeest Print


Print of an aardvark dressed as strong man wearing a leotard and lifting a barbell in a black frame sitting on a shelf

Haardvark Print


Sold Out

Flash Impala Print


Print of an elephant with colourful butterfly wings in a black frame on a wooden bench against a wall

Elefly Print


Buffahi…Buffalo Print