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We think life is more interesting when it’s absurd; whether that’s a fish in a top hat, or an orange speaking Mandarin.

Bewilderbeest is an absurd collection of original artwork, prints, cards and gifts.

It all began with a drawing of the Bewilderbeest by Iain, which has now become our logo. Since that drawing, the Bewilderbeest range has expanded with illustrations that centre around the absurd, while drawing on British heritage. (Disclaimer: Iain doesn’t literally draw on British heritage, Your Honour).

Whether you’re in need of a ridiculous card or gift, we have you covered. Or…why not treat yourself. Go on, you deserve it!

Our cards are also available for wholesale!

Meet The Bewilderbeest Team:


Iain is the founder and self-taught artist of Bewilderbeest. Having grown up on the family farm Iain worked in the field of agriculture (get it?) for a number of years before hanging up his wellies to do what he loves for a living. Now based in sunny Suffolk, Iain paints nonsense and researches where he can buy mint Cornettos.

Qualifications: Won the Farmers Weekly colouring competition aged 8.

Life goal: To be able to hold a handstand.


Maddy helps hugely with the marketing, business planning and Iain’s sanity. She comes to all the shows and exhibitions with Iain, and keeps him topped up with snacks to make sure he’s in good spirits. 

Maddy also grew up on a farm and, as Iain’s fwife, has to put up with hearing all of Iain’s ideas, good and bad. She’s saved you all from some truly questionable puns!

In her free time Maddy specialises in bespoke drawings of Colonel Mustang – unfortunately, these are not for sale as they are for a private collector (Iain).  

Qualifications: Advanced Diploma in newspaper codeword puzzles.

Life goal: To pet a cheetah.

Colonel Mustang

Having risen rapidly through the ranks, Colonel Mustang has chosen a new path in life as Director of Comms at Bewilderbeest. When not sleeping on the job, he answers the phone and squawks for food. He has yet to do a full day’s work, but Maddy and Iain are confident that he will regain some of his military vigour and discipline in time.

Qualifications: PhD in String Theory

Life goal: To break the world record for most consecutive hours slept in one sitting.

“A bird in the paw is worth two in the bush, but I wouldn’t mind the two in the bush as well!”

Colonel Mustang Proverb

Major Ajax

The youngest member of the Bewilderbeest team, Major Ajax has taken on the role of Head of Logistics. Basically, if something isn’t packaged quick enough it’s chewed to pieces to encourage Iain and Maddy to pull their finger out next time.

Will give discounts for belly rubs.

Qualifications: Holds the world record for the most pieces of newspaper chewed in under a minute.

Life goal: To catch his own tail.

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