Great Kid Card


If you are looking for a card for your Mum or Dad which will let them know what a great job they did bringing you up, this popular Goat card is for you!

There are so many lovey-dovey cards out there for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. What if you don’t want a card covered in hearts and soppy writing that tells them they are so great?

What if you want them to realise that YOU are the brilliant one!? This card will make your Mum or Dad laugh and affirm your position in the family as their favourite. Surely!?

You can either buy this card individually, or if you want to stock up, you can get 4 for £10 by selecting the pack of 4. 

  • Blank inside, you can use it for Father’s/ Mother’s Day, a Birthday or any occasion. You can use all that space very effectively by reminding them all the reasons why they did such a good job raising you!
  • Parents often have high standards. Well do not fret, because so do we. Printed professionally onto heavyweight ivory hammered card stock makes the card feel luxurious and smooth to write in. Your parents won’t think this was just something you quickly rustled up in your bedroom! Phew! 

We are currently offering a free card writing service. If you’d like us to send the card directly to someone for you, simply leave the message you’d like us to write and the person’s name and address in the notes box at checkout.

The technical bits:
• Size: The card is 25.4 ants long x 35.6 ants long. Or, for those who don’t work in ant sizing, it’s 5”x7” (127mm X 178mm).
• Card Stock: 300gsm ivory hammered card
• Packaging: The card comes with a recycled brown envelope. We no longer send cards in cellophane sleeves – you don’t really need one, and it’s good for the environment. If penguins had thumbs, they’d be pointing them up! Read more about it here.

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