Have a Whale of a Time Card

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Looking for a birthday card which is safe to send to pretty much anyone?

So many cards are either offensive, inappropriate or downright rude these days. Sometimes you just need to play it safe and send a card which won’t get you a telling off from your Mother in Law (Or Mother, depending how strict she is!)

This “Whale of a Time” card is a great choice for kids, a work colleague, your Great Aunt Agnes, or that neighbour over the road who always remembers not only your birthday, but the cat’s birthday too. It will make whoever you send it to smile, and keep you in their good books (Phew!). 

You can either buy this card individually, or if you want to stock up, you can get 4 for £10 by selecting the pack of 4. 

  • There’s no risk of causing offence as the card is blank inside. Unless you write something obscene yourself. We’d advise against doing that.
  • You’re awesome if you’re going to buy a card from us. You deserve the best. So, we use heavyweight ivory hammered card, which makes the card feel luxurious and smooth to write in – we must do all we can to help you impress Great Aunt Agnes!

We are currently offering a free card writing service. If you’d like us to send the card directly to someone for you, simply leave the message you’d like us to write and the person’s name and address in the notes box at checkout.

The technical bits:
• Size: The card is 25.4 ants long x 35.6 ants long. Or, for those who don’t work in ant sizing, it’s 5”x7” (127mm X 178mm).
• Card Stock: 300gsm ivory hammered card
• Packaging: The card comes with a recycled brown envelope. We no longer send cards in cellophane sleeves – you don’t really need one, and it’s good for the environment. If penguins had thumbs, they’d be pointing them up! Read more about it here.

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2 reviews for Have a Whale of a Time Card

  1. Georgina T

    Love this card! Very high quality.

  2. Brian

    This hits the spot for a number of different events!

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