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Do you love Black Labs? This picture will remind you of your beloved pooch and bring a smile to your face every time you walk past it.

If you have a Black Lab, you’ll know that this scene is a little too close to the reality of owning one of these beautiful hounds! They have quite the skill of hanging around whenever food is nearby, don’t they?

This is an exclusive print, which makes it extra special; it’s a limited edition, and only 250 will be produced. 

  • Professionally printed with archival inks onto heavyweight paper; the colours from the original drawing are replicated perfectly and won’t fade. 
  • If you can stop the dog from eating it, it will last a lifetime! Or hundreds of lifetimes if you’re a mayfly… 
  • This print comes unframed, so you can choose a frame to match your décor 

The idea for this design came to Iain over a leisurely summer BBQ with friends, when their Black Labrador, Percy, was eyeing up his burger with a bit too much interest! Iain did the original drawing with pen and ink and made it into cards and then limited edition prints due to so many requests! This is one of our most popular doggy designs!

The Technical Bits:

  • Size: This print measures 297 x 420 mm / 11.7 x 16.5 in (A3 size).
  • Paper: For any paper nerds (anyone…!?), it’s Heavyweight, 100% cotton fibre acid free paper.  Basically, it’s very smooth and has a thick texture… lovely!
  • Printing: All our prints are Giclée Fine Art prints. That means they are printed with special archival inks, so they don’t fade.
  • Limited Editions: Each print is signed and numbered by Iain and comes with a certificate of authenticity that can be fixed to the back of the picture when framed. It’s very official.

If you have any other burning questions about the print then let us quench that curiosity with our water pistol of knowledge, by getting in touch here!

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