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Tinder Dogs – Will you bark right?

Tinder Dogs – Will you bark right?

We reveal the dating profiles for 5 famous pooches!

Here at Bewilderbeest HQ, we recently welcomed a new recuit, our intern, Major Ajax. He insisted that the next blog post was all about dogs. So, here it is. In true Bewilderbeest style, it’s totally bonkers.

These 5 marvellous mutts are all available for dates…

1. Toto – From Wizard of Oz

I won’t lead you up the garden path, but I will take you down the Yellow Brick Road….

I live in Kansas and I’ve seen a cyclone or two. But don’t worry, I won’t send you into a spin….

Click your heels 3 times and repeat “There’s no dog like Toto”.

2.Nipper – His Master’s Voice

I’m really into music and going to music festivals. I still wear all my festival wristbands on my collar.

I only listen to full albums and my favourite song is ‘Who Let the dogs out’ by the Baha Men.

If you don’t listen to vinyl we have nothing to discuss.


I’m a loyal, intelligent girl and I love to keep fit.

If you annoy me I’ll push you down a well and then pretend to everyone else that I found you there.

I have high standards, so I’m looking for Kennel Club pedigree. Mongrels need not apply.

4.Pongo – From 101 Dalmations

I’m looking for someone whose owner doesn’t want to turn me into a fur coat.

Ideally you’d be white with black spots. Or Black with white spots.

Oh, and I don’t want kids. Aren’t 101 enough?!

5. Tramp – From Lady and The Tramp

I’m just a normal, street smart kinda guy with a weakness for pampered pooches…

Looking for a well groomed and elegant girl, preferably with long floppy ears, long eyelashes and a gorgeous sleek coat.

Oh and don’t worry about Lady. I’m like SO over her. Definitely….

Does your pooch want to book a date with one of these hounds?

Email Major Ajax at info@bewilderbeest.co.uk with a picture of your pooch and a short description, and he will pass it on. Cheers!